On average, it takes about three seconds for someone to form a first impression.

You’ve probably formed yours right about now. Whether you’ve handed them a business card or they’ve come across your website, exceptional branding is the first step in converting people into clients. My job is to help you build an incredible brand that stops you in your tracks (or scroll), resonates with your audience, and forms long-lasting and loyal relationships with those who matter most.

What does a Brand Consultant do? Everything from inception of a brand, to launch, and beyond. As a designer with a background in strategy, I equip new brands with the tools they need to hit the ground running, and help established companies form deeper connections with their clients.

Brand Design + Development

Aesthetics play an important part in branding. Logo design, colour palette and beautiful images are a way to express your business’s values and personality. I focus on creating powerful brand identities that encompass your company’s style and voice from the get-go. Whether it be it simple or extravagant, I work with my clients to create a versatile brand that speaks volumes, from your business card to your billboard.

Copywriting + Content Creation

Compelling copy, both online and print is the first step in creating a relationship with your clientele. It’s a way to establish your brand’s voice, resonate with your audience, and create a dialogue to form a lasting connection.


From attention-grabbing ads to inspiring blog posts, I’ll create a customized end-to-end solution in order to achieve your business’s goals.

Digital Design

Your website is your online first impression. It should be informative, and act as a lead capture tool to convert visitors to clients. A good website is visually compelling, user-friendly, and fully optimized to run smoothly on all devices (a few slick e-mail campaigns and graphics here and there never hurt either). Whether you’re looking to showcase your work, products or create a simple landing page, your brand deserves a beautiful home in the digital space.